• Top Albums - 2009 (and stinkiest Disappointments!)

    Gen 7 2010, 4:19 di supson

    In addition to expanding the list to 25 albums (there’s no fixed number in mind when I start), I also complied the countries of origin for my top 2009 albums. No surprise, the UK is well ahead of the pack with 60%, followed by the USA at 27%, Canada at 8% and Australia at 5%. If you're excited for stats, wait till you see my Album of the Decade list coming soon. Enjoy!

    25.Morrissey - Swords
    As I’ve commented before, nobody writes a more perfect blend of catchiness and angst. As usual, the song titles are legendary and lots of great rarities and b-sides here that are all new to me. Sadly, this surpasses his other album this year of new material (see my Disappointments below!)
    Stand Out Track: Shame Is The Name

    24.IAMX - Kingdom of Welcome Addiction
    I featured this band back in August’s TOTM. As I said then, it’s the guy from Sneaker Pimps that has taken the best elements of that band and added in some grittier rock sounds. …
  • 2009 Review

    Dic 29 2009, 17:05 di jamesdcody

    Below, are my top ten albums of 2009. It was a brilliant year for music with some really excellent Lps coming out. By far the best debut album was by american indie outfit The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, which if it wasnt for a masterpiece by Manchester's finest (Doves) ,would have easliy topped my list. Yeah yeah yeahs produced their best album yet in my opinion, with the brilliant glam'd up "Its Blitz". Possibly the most addictive album for me was Eels Hombre Lobo, 12 songs of desire, about wanting to be with someone who just doesn't quite feel the same way. The Rifles second Effort in the shape of The Great Escape is just so good, its like being back at the heart of the brit pop scene, With Toerag actually being my fave tune of the whole year.

    The second half of my list includes 5 very different albums, The Cribs Ignore The Ignorant is uplifting as anything Oasis ever did, while one of my favourite bands Super Furry Animals took on a more grove based feel to their latest record Dark Days/ Light Years. …
  • Doves @ Brixton Academy - 2nd May 2009

    Mag 10 2009, 2:53 di Al_73

    Well, I'd been waiting a long time to see these guys & tonight was the night! :D A few hiccups on the way here - helped by London Underground kindly deciding to close Brixton tube station - but luckily they were the only problems I encountered tonight!

    With a little Jack Daniels & Southern Comfort coursing through my veins, the lights darkened at about 9.30pm &, to the metallic clatter of the intro to Jetstream, they walked onstage. I just had a feeling they'd start with this song & they didn't disappoint me! In fact, this was one of the best starts to any gig I've been to recently as the first five songs they played were on my secret wishlist of songs I hoped they'd play :D Jetstream was followed by the cinematic sweep of the lovely Snowden & for the first of many times this evening, the colony of goosebumps that live in my spine, went into overdrive. This was beautiful! My fave track from the new album - Winter Hill - followed. This song really is everything that is great about Doves wrapped into 5 minutes. …
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 4

    Apr 30 2009, 12:53 di CvaldaVessalis

    Sat 11 Apr – Röyksopp

    Will be keeping the gig review this month to a bare minimum due to the influx of new music I managed to get hold of, but needless to say, both Röyksopp and Fever Ray in particular were on fine form at London's Royal Festival Hall. At the gig's end, as the loutier of the concert-going patrons were filing out of the seated venue, most could be heard to say, with all of the eloquence of a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle "it's not the best place for a rave, is it?" I was tempted to turn around and say that, given the amount of people standing up and throwing their limbs around during the Röyk's set, it didn't really matter, but quickly remembered there was a short time window before I would have to get the nightbus back to my local pub.

    Flashing back to the beginning of the night, I made it to the venue with a little over half-an-hour for drinks before Fever went onstage, to find that I was near enough sitting on the stage itself directly above the sound engineer's desk (thank you…
  • Oh, alright then..

    Apr 6 2009, 10:04 di ODeigh

    I was anticipating disappointment, I admit it. I was anticipating more terrace anthems and Doves by numbers. I lacked faith in their ability to take an extended leave of absence and come back as anything other than flabby and middle aged.

    I was wrong.

    The rest was as good as a change. Kingdom Of Rust is everything a Doves album should be a decade or so down the line.

    Familiarity with Jetstream from the free download is making me like it more. I like the disco-ness of the drum track. I like the twittering synths. There's even something a little New Romantic about it that reminds me of early Ultravox and Duran Duran.

    Kingdom of Rust drags you back to Fulsome Prison-era Johnny Cash. It's bordering on The Coral with its scousadelica bassline, which I'm trying desperately to ignore. I haven't seen the video for the single version because I'm old now and they won't let me on YouTube with my zimmerframe, but I really hope they're in some mocked up Wild West town wearing Man With No Name outfits. …