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  • Data di pubblicazione

    1 Febbraio 2004

  • Durata

    10 brani

Domine enters the New Sin Audio Design studio for the fourth album “Emperor Of The Black Runes” in May 2003, after some months of writing and pre-production.
“Emperor Of The Black Runes” is another step forward for Domine, once again pushing the limits of the band’s style with a good balance of fast, classic heavy metal songs and long epic tracks. As a respected name in the underground classic Heavy Metal scene, Domine started working on its fourth cd writing songs in the style they love, putting a better effort in production and arrangements, making the new songs traditional and exciting at the same time. The new cd shows Domine playing songs in their usual Epic Power Metal style but with a few injections of Prog Rock, Celtic and acoustic music. The powerful speed metal assaults of opener “Battle Gods (Of The Universe)” and “True Believer” are the most “live” sounding songs with a crushing and aggressive sound, while songs like “Arioch, The Chaos Star” and “The Song Of The Swords” bring back memories of the classic 80’s metal of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. “The Aquilonia Suite” is an 11 minutes titanic “tour de force” based on the “Conan The Barbarian” books by R.E. Howard and on the movie soundtrack by Basil Poledouris. More Celtic harmonies come back in the ultra Epic “The Sun Of The New Season” and in the all-acoustic track “The Forest Of Light”, a track which shows Domine’s appreciation of Jethro Tull, Genesis, Loreena McKennitt and Irish folk music. Both songs see singer Leanan Sidhe lending her charming voice, virtually becoming Domine’s sixth member. A fair amount of melody shows up in “Prince In The Scarlet Robe” (based on the Corum books by Michael Moorcock) and “Icarus Ascending” with some hints of Hard Rock (Kansas, Queen).

Japanese fans are again exclusively graced with a cover of the classic “Altar Of The Kings” by Riot, one of the heroes of American metal, in the edition released by Avalon/Marquee.

After 2 weeks from the end of the production sessions, Domine opens the third day of the huge Heineken Jammin’ Festival, with Iron Maiden as headliners. The festival is held inside the big formula 1 circuit in Imola with 100.000 people in 3 days. Domine performs in front of 40.000 enthusiastic fans and receives great reviews in all the Italian metal magazines, which praise the band as one of the best Italian Metal bands.

Domine plays at Gods Of Metal festival 2004 in Bologna, as part of a bill headlined by the reformed Judas Priest.

The band goes on tour with Vision Divine, then plays as support for Judas Priest in Milan during their “Angel Of Retribution” tour and for Dream Theater in Rome.

Domine plays at Gods Of Metal festival 2006, during the day of Italian metal bands only.

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