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“Champion Eternal” was the starting point a new life for the band, after many years in the underground scene. The band was not a new name when the debut album was released, by Italian label Dragonheart, having previously recorded four demo tapes (from 1986 to 1994) getting reviews and interviews in a lot of fanzines and magazines around the world. However, the line-up of the band drastically changed just before the cd and this recording was really a new start. The new line-up of the group was Enrico Paoli on guitars, Riccardo Paoli on bass (the only ones left of the original line-up), Mimmo Palmiotta on drums (previously with Masterstroke and Death SS) and Morby on vocals (ex-Sabotage, one of the very first metal band in Italy). The band has been compared by magazines and fanzines to Manowar, Queensryche, Warlord, Omen, Helstar, Candlemass, Iron Maiden. The band established its personal style with Epic Metal songs like “Stormbringer (The Black Sword)”, “Army of The Dead” and Power Metal assaults like “The Mass Of Chaos” and “The Midnight Meat Train”. Some of the songs have a progressive structures like the epic title track, “The Eternal Champion”, a 12 minutes long suite divided in seven parts.
The band was voted among the best Italian bands and best new comers in all the Italian magazines and got the third place as new band on the Greek Metal Hammer readers poll (just after Hammerfall and Rhapsody).
After the release of the album, Domine played some gigs, the best being the one at the “Italian Gods Of Metal Festival” in Milan and the one as support for Rage and Grave Digger during their Italian tour.

In 1998, keyboards player Riccardo Iacono enters the band and singer Morby sings in Labyrinth during their European tour with HammerFall.

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