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Dismal - The Waltz Of Mind is an italian gothic/alternative band.
The first official band's release has been issued in November 1998 on Pagan Records (Audioglobe distribution), it has been called “Fiaba Lacrimevole - like a red bleeding rose in a glacial desert”. The debut album gets an immediate success and soon it became a top selling album.
In September 2002 Dismal found a musical agreement with Aural Music Group, another record deal has been signed and together they established Dreamcell11, a division of Aural Music in order to follow and to promote the band artistically and commercially.
Within the end of 2002 the band entered the Gulp! Studios by Marco Calliari, sound engineer of the Italian pop band Subsonica in order to record their second cd called “Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops…” using a 12-elements orchestra. Claustrophobic and essential drum parts, waltz and tango bit mixed with baroque and orchestral sound while the electric guitar parts are always more and more left on the background. After few months artists like Yendri, Ab Ovo and Stark started to remix three songs of this album, “Tre Stille Scarlatte”, “Niveare” and “Esse”, songs available on the deluxe version of the follower cd called “Miele Dal Salice” also on digital version.
“Miele Dal Salice” is the third record issued in 2006, the band dedicated a lot of time to this record which is the most intense and bizarre cd they have released to date. On this new effort Rossana Landi (degreed in music) is the new lead singer, playing contrabass too. After a short but intense touring around Germany and Italy as well as on very important festivals like the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig and Berlin, Dismal took a break and Iona li rube (Afelio) left the band due to personal reasons.
After this very long break the band decided to enter the studio again and this year 2013 it will see the light the brand new album called “Giostra di Vapore”. Now the band goes forward to create a new sound dimension fusing electronic sound with the classical music, simply modern and antique meets together for a sound similar to steampunk. Lyrics are always focused on topics like social psychology, alchemy and more spiritual themes.
On their career with the help of Duccio Bardini the band produced two experimental videos, the first one calle “Venere” in 2003 and “Iana” in 2006 while with Alessio Libra they recorded two new videos released in 2012 for “Melisse” and 2013,October 2013 animation from "miele dal salice".
The dark sound bring the listener to an aristocratic limbo which seems like a bizarre “mental carnival” where rationality and madness are grazed constantly. Classical and symphonic music, electronic sounds together with waltz and tango bits are part of a puzzle where the old musical structures are deconstructured. It's a very personal point of view of the gothic architecture going to be analyzed through different glasses. The opera seems to be a primitive and majestic expression thanks to its ermetic symbolism and its riched metaphors.
“Fiaba Lacrimevole” - Pagan Moon/Audioglobe LP - 1998
Mini-cd digi “Dionisiaca” - LP- 2001
“Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops…” - DreamCell 11/Aural Music 2004
cd.jewelbox “Miele Dal Salice” -DreamCell 11/Aural Music - 2007
cd digipack "Giostra di Vapore" -DreamCell 11/Aural Music -december 2013

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