• move along, nothing to see here

    Lug 13 2006, 5:02 di AdriaNnLA

    I should call this my extended personal recommended list.

    The sole purpose of this journal entry is to store a handful of artists / albums / tracks which have been recommended to me or that I've stumbled across and would like to review.

    These may have been personally recommended to me from friends, neighbors or fellow group members. They also come from similar artists (on a liked artist page), something I heard on my launchcast radio station, etc.

    Only at the time of their addition to this list they are not yet streamable on last.fm

    This clutters up my recommended lists with "useless" entries, yet I don't want to just purge and lose them.

    So until last.fm implements a bookmark or fans list we can maintain in our dashboard, I'll be storing them here.

    And if I'm not mistaken (hopefully) little green or gold play buttons will alert me to newly streamable content - woot!

    Once I realize an artist listed here is streamable on last. …