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Deep as Ocean (DAO) is a modern metal band from Milan (Italy), formed in 2016 by the two brothers Alberto and Riccardo Buttò (guitarist and drums). The band also consists of Matt Bonfanti (vocals), Andrea Fabro (2nd guitarist) and Matteo Acquati (bass guitar).

DAO released its two first singles, “Black Sheep” and “Before They Win”, in 2016. The first EP “Lost Hopes | Broken Mirrors” was out on November 24, 2017. The 5 tracks EP includes an official video for the song “Broken Dreams” and a lyrics video for “Fly Or Fall”. During 2018, the band played several shows in Northern Italy to promote its first EP. DAO also got back to the studio to work on new material, including the song “The Sinking Ship” and its music video.

The 2019 kicked off with the release of “Hourglass” (feat. Matt Gelsomino from Novelists FR) and "Oblivion". This song gained over 20k streams in a couple of weeks, and Spotify's editorial team welcomed it to its "New Blood" playlist. On October 25, 2019, DAO released “Knives and Flames” and its official video. This song was included in two Spotify’s playlists, “New Blood” and “New Core”. On December 13, 2019, DAO's first album "Crossing Parallels" was out.

In 2020 the band reaches 1 million streams on Spotify and releases the new single "Harakiri".
The second single and video "Death Whistle" will be released on November 20th.

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