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The history of this Metal band begins in 1997 on the initiative of Francesco and Max Diblasio (guitar and keyboards), the historical nucleus of Darksky. Since the beginning, Darksky started writing their own music and lyrics, realizing, from 1998 to 2005, three EPs that obtained a fairly good international success. Changes in the band’s line-up and experience built up in time have brought, after eleven years, to a mature sense of composition and musical evolution. In 1998 the band recorded the first mini cd entitled “Shadows”, a power-speed metal work. Two years later, with the second release “Beyond life”, Darksky obtained their first credits and a European distribution by Underground Symphony. Afterwards, the band experienced a great line-up change with the arrival of new musicians as Francesca Bos (vocalist on the “Ad Nauseam” album by the band Monumentum and in “The other side of the mirror” by Thy Sirma), Alessandro Bertagna (growl male voice), Davide Martinelli (drummer in Alligator’s third album “Rules” and of Winter Mist) and bass player Marco Banfi. This period represents an experimental phase in Darksky’s career and the year 2005 sees the birth of the third studio effort entitled “Crimson Butterfly”, a 5-tracks cd that obtained good reviews around Europe. The same year, Maria Torelli joined the band as bass player. The band, newly full staffed, begins to write new material for the future work with the aim to increase composition and style evolution. Due to these changes in the new songs, Alessandro Bertagna decided to leave Darksky. In spring 2007 everything is ready to go in the studio to record Darksky’s first full length cd. When Maria Torelli pulled out of the band, her place was taken in December 2007 by Paolo Sciaresa (Undead Shadows Project, WhiteCrow, Spire). At present Darksky are in studio to complete recordings and mixing of the new outstanding album. Stay Tuned!

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