• DarkestVisions Live Im Radio!!! ;D

    Mar 8 2011, 1:46 di Fann_Arima

    Hello friends, is me again.. Well this time i wanna share with you some news about music.
    The point is that My Loved boyfriend Mazze (DarkestVisions) is going to play and talk about his music on the radio this weekend and i want to make an invitacion to all of you to have a look to the page and lisent to DarkestVisions...

    The page is this...


    Is a German page so is a German event hehe... Starts at 6:00 pm and the end is at 8:00pm on This Saturday 12 of Marz (This time is for Germany)

    The time in my hometown Mexico Starts at 11:00 am And end at 1:00 pm Of the same 12 of Marz...

    So i really hope some of you dear friends can lisent to my Boyfriend this weekend, To know more about the music you also can download for free his songs in this Last fm page


    Atte: The Little Steffyfreak! XDD
  • DarkestVisions And Ilazki... *music & love*

    Feb 13 2011, 6:28 di Fann_Arima

    I want to share today a projeckt made by my loved boyfriend, his projeckt is called ¨"DarkestVisions" and also wanna share my little projeckt made by him and me called Ilazki with just a few but i think nice songs ;) here are the links and the history of both projeckts ;).... also some videos ;))




    ist ein Einmannprojekt das seit ca. 2000 existiert. Beeinflußt von verschiedenen Musikstilen und Bands bildet es eine Mischung aus elektronischer Musik und tiefgründigen Texten.
    Es werden hier aber nicht nur Töne gespielt, sondern auch Bilder gezeigt. DarkestVisions ist somit mehr als eine Band, es ist der Versuch die Gegenwart durch Musik und Bilder zu kanalisieren und sich mit ihr auseinanderzusetzen.

    DarkestVisions es el proyecto de un hombre de nacionalidad Alemana,el cual comenzo más o menos por el año 2000. DarkestVisions esta influenciado por diferentes estilos de música y bandas de la que se desprende una mezcla de música electrónica y letras profundas. …
  • "New Song" Lyrics Preview ;))

    Mag 3 2010, 1:06 di Fann_Arima

    "New Song" Lyrics Preview!
    This is the preview of the new song of Ilazki and DarkestVisions.

    I made the lyrics In spanish and My sweet love Mazze helped me to translate at English "Perfect English"
    So i really hope you like the Lyrics and soon the new song of us ;))

    The lyrics are with a special dedication of course made for my sweet love Mazze ;))
    Which i love with all my heart!

    All this time look for your light and finally I found you in the depths of my heart

    You're still away but I feel you when the wind blows and touches my skin

    Our hearts are united by fate, nothing and nobody can separate us ever.

    You are the sea, I am the moon that lights our night in the immensity.

    I will fill your nights with love, And you my little angel of darkness never touch it the pain of loneliness again.

    Our hearts are united by fate, nothing and nobody can separate us ever.

    My Sweet Love I Love You More than i can put into words!!!!! <3 <3