• Dibbie Dibbie Dibbie is my name

    Apr 11 2007, 19:25 di Dibbie

    I managed to make 777 track number 777. God bless you Danzig... or not... you know what I mean.

    In other news, iPods simply aren't as good as Creatives: Fact! Creatives = bish bosh job done, iPods = buh, ummm, what the? grrrr! Bollocking thing! Your mother cooks socks in hell!

    In a straight listening test with the same mp3 at the same compression using the same headphones (yes, I am that sad) Creatives just sound better. It's like the difference between Coke and Pepsi - same product at heart but one tastes creamier and better than the other.

  • Eevil

    Apr 10 2007, 18:55 di Dibbie

    Today I reached 666 tracks :D

    I was kind of hoping it would be The Number of the Beast but instead I'll have to wait until 777 when I will try to play 777 (should be alright I think).