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  • Data di nascita

    13 Marzo 1957

  • Luogo di nascita

    Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, Stati Uniti

  • Data di morte

    2 Agosto 2017 (età: 60)

Daniel James Licht, born March 1957, is an American film composer and musician, best known for composing the score for Showtime TV drama series, Dexter.
Daniel Licht attended Hampshire College, in Massachusetts and graduated in composition, jazz, and world music. Licht moved to New York City and established himself as a musical artist in the Lower East Side creative music scene. He would travel to Germany, Holland, and Northern Europe to perform and compose music for theatre and dance companies. He created scores for such companies as Mercedes Benz, Sony, and A. T. & T.
He then moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career in film scoring, at the suggestion of his former classmate, Christopher Young. His first major project was the 1991 feature film Children of the Night. His composition earned him his first soundtrack CD release. He soon became spotted by macabre director, Clive Barker and would compose for several of his films.
Licht scored all seasons of Dexter, which he considers to be one of his "more visible projects" but is reluctant to refer to it as his big break.

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