• The Top Ten Best Sampling on a Hip Hop Album

    Set 7 2006, 21:23 di larslindahl

    One Album Per Artist

    1) Main Source - Breaking Atoms

    Large Professor
    and his Main Source crew display the art of sampling at its very best. They're not using the rarest source material in the world (The Mohawks - The Champ, Bob James - Nautilus have been used to death) but the way these samples are flipped and layered and the energy that comes with each is unmatched by various imitators.

    2) Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent by Design

    Stoupe is a God. The JMT producer puts his all into this classic album mixing in some vintage Latin grooves, popular movie dialogue and some rare, undiscovered material from who knows where. Also check out his Canabis album for more hotness.

    3) DJ Shadow - Entroducing

    The sampling on this album is borderline showing-off. Entroducing uses nothing but borrowed material and considering how cohesive and complex it is there is a lot to say about the endless opportunities sampling can provide. …