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"The Rockaways"
Conor Oberst- guitar and vocal
Nathaniel Walcott- keyboard

released November 7, 2018

Produced by Bryce Gonzales and Conor Oberst
Engineered by Bryce Gonzales
All songs by Conor Oberst (Bedrooms; Bedrooms and Spiders, BMI)
Mastered by Warren Sokol at United Recording Studio
Paintings by Jerry Kinney
Lay out by Autumn Seguin


The Rockaways

Scared of everything 
Everything’s on blast 
Never travel light 
I carry the past 
In an armored car 
That’s my skeleton 
Worship one idea 
Like a super fan 

In a gallery 
With a slanted view 
There’s a book signing 
Dystopian haikus 
As they’re read out loud 
Under Edison lights 
Makes me scratch my head 
And think of simpler times 

Borrowed a car for the day 
We drove it out to The Rockaways 
And you went swimming 
I watched you swimming 

I’m made of money now 
But there’s nothing I want 
Except expensive wine 
To watch the rocket launch 
We’ll climb up on the roof 
And sit in plastic chairs 
Watch it accelerate 
Until it disappears 
Just like your goodbye voice 
Trailing off down the hall 
I love you baby I’ll 
Be back in one hour 
You’ll try and smile then 
Sometimes it doesn’t stick 
I’ll help you tune it out 
I’ll help you reminisce 

Borrowed a car for the day 
Filled it up with some friends I’d made 
And they went dancing 
I watched them dancing 

Don’t feel badly 
I’m barely angry 
It's not too much to contain 
Always knew that 
It'd probably happen 
We’d put these memories to shame 

Borrowed a car for the day 
Gassed it up for our get-a-way 
Said you’d be waiting 
I left you waiting

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