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Circuit 7 has surprisingly good musicianship. There are songs that feature guitar solos, well done saxophone parts, funky bass tracks as we'll as the obvious keyboards that a synth pop / new wave band should have. At times they remind me of Gang of Four like in 'Beat Tonight' with that funky new wave sound. I would say Circuit 7 were influenced by goth as their songs have a theatrical element to them all. 'Video Boys' is almost Gary Numan like playing the rock / electronic balance and is fairly dramatic as is 'The Force'. Then 'India' shows why there was never a full length released. 'Modern Story' works well. 'Russian Roulette' shows the creativeness running out of gas as it doesnt stand out like previous songs. 'Eastern Dreams' is the most different sounding on the record. It's a ballad and for me it has standing appeal that most of the record does not have but that's my taste as I like melodic and minimal music.

Having said that I think it's a worthy release and it would have been interesting hearing them if they had made a second album to see if there was any progression. A third member could have helped them further I think on ideas. Nothing will have you saying "why wasn't this ever properly released?!" though. Obscure and sad on their brief history, the romanticism is bittersweet but not long lasting.

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