• so.

    Ott 1 2007, 23:35 di xxadoublely

    i'm horrid at titles and therefore they lack creativity that suits me just fine.

    but that's beside the point. and i do have a point.
    i've had this thing over a year now. and at this point, i've played 17,673 tracks. which is a lot and makes me sad that i've had that much time on my hands. and though they have the creepy top artist and tracks etc. section, it doesn't really say much about me and music. particularly.

    so hence lies my favorite songs/artists compilation. i'm sure it will be added upon as i find a new song or artist that deserves a place. i'm a new music whore, though obviously i lean back on the old favorite. familiarity is nice.


    Across the Universe by The Beatles or Rufus Wainwright.
    maybe its evil and horrible of me, being the beatles fan that i am, but i love this song and particularly the rufus wainwright version. there's just something about this song that sucks me in and leaves me sitting there, entranced and just stuck. the lyrics flow beautifully and it just gets to me. …