• Tuesday Twenty: My top 100 tracks 2000-09 Pt.01: 100 to 81

    Set 15 2009, 13:53 di amodelofcontrol

    I mentioned this last week, and here is where I get started. It's going to take the best part of two months to post these on successive Tuesdays, but below begins my top 100 tracks of the past decade (and followed by the top 50 albums). There are very few tracks from this year in the list, simply because they may not have grabbed me enough yet. Indeed I may well revisit this list in a year or so's time and see if any more from 2009 should have made it in. But anyway, enough of that, let's get started.

    But first: you may disagree with items in this list this week and in the coming weeks, as I post the rest of it, but remember this - this is my top 100 tracks that are here for all kinds of reasons, and if you disagree, tell me what you would have put in, not what I shouldn't have included. Part two next week.

    Angel of Theft

    It's ridiculous, over the top, and apparently created by the most unexpected source (Amon Tobin), but plainly and simply, this rules. …