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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Blood is a German deathgrind band formed in 1986 in Speyer. Founder members were ‘Geier’ (Vocals), ‘Eisen’ (Guitars), ‘Taki’ (Bass) and ‘Radtke’ (Drums). The present line-up includes ‘Clausi’ (vocals, 1988-1993 and 2014-present), Eisen, Taki, Chuck (guitars, since 2014) and ‘Ventilator’ (drums, since 1987). The band is, together with Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Agathocles, one of the longest active grindcore bands, being "Impulse to Destroy" one of the milestone of the genre. They've released 8 full-length album along with a great number of split albums, demo-tapes and live recording.

2) BLOOD is a gothic visual group from Japan composed of musicians with a producer’s aim, pursuing their own music and world view. Kiwamu not only handles song writing, programming, and guitar, but the artwork as well. Kaede contributes by playing bass and synth-bass, writing lyrics and in his sense in the visual aspects of the band. These two are the center, and the band is also helped by the storytelling vocals of Fu-ki. With the participation of guest musicians and the absence of a fixed form in the band, they create songs that boldly destroy a musical “frame”.

3) Blood is an industrial metal band from Spain (previously Capitan Blood). For further information visit their website:
4) Blood is a metal band from Puerto Rico.
5) Blood is a punk band formed in the eighties.
6) Blood was a band led by Shinichiro Suzuki. Now called Bad Blood Project.
7) Blood is a one man experimental grunge tape-magic noise fiasco from Albany, NY.

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