• Autechre listening survey: Amber

    Feb 1 2008, 3:14 di mrkvm

    Autechre : Amber (1994)

    Continuing my survey of the Autechre discography.

    First listen...

    This was really the first Autechre album I actually owned. It looks like the US release date was in 1994 or 1995, so I most likely bought this in my sophomore year of college (1994-1995) when I was still just really discovering electronic music beyond the industrial scene. It seems kind of amazing to me now that I could have had any hangup about purely instrumental music, but I can remember playing Amber for an old friend in my car and giving him a lot of (as it turned out, unneeded) justifications for its existence before even playing it. "It doesn't have any vocals, but it's really cool!"

    I find myself anticipating the lovely higher-pitched melodies that drop into Montreal around 02:46 right from the beginning of the song. A sign of a well-listened track for sure.

    The word "icy" has probably been used to describe this album in more reviews than I can count, but you can't really deny it.