• Most played albums of 2009

    Gen 3 2010, 18:59 di pecusita

    Traditions are made out of repetition, so here's another most played music of the year... 2009 edition. Yay!

    Just like in past years, this chart is ordered by averaged plays - Averaged plays = Total Plays / Album Total tracks; And like journals past, this one is not without a small sob story of lost scrobbles. Aside from the usual mishaps there was also a computer breakdown halfway through the year that made the gap between my local library and the last.fm stats even greater for those albums that were released on the first half of the year. No need to cry much because I was able to update my library, so technically no stats were lost, just scrobbles. *sigh*

    About 2009 I will say that there was just too much music to take in, especially on the second half of the year. This led to many albums not getting enough plays, even though I did enjoyed them, there was just not enough time for them to gain proper chart recognition. Yes, a list of most played albums is not an accurate thing.