• 100 Greatest Trance Songs

    Feb 2 2008, 3:19 di Jatup

    Here is a list of 100 best trance tracks of all time according to me!

    If you have any recommendations, please send them to me and hopefully they will make the list even better. I will try to update as often as I can, depending on the amount of changes. I will not update every time I add or move a track.

    I realize the list will not please everyone so don't treat it too seriously. I created it for fun and I thought it would be nice to share it with others, but it's not really serious business... Everyone has a different taste. If you feel the need to disagree with it in the comments you are welcome to do so of course ;)

    I love recommendations, but please don’t give me a list of 50 artists not represented on my list and expect me to check them out. It’s a waste of your and my time because trust me, I won’t check out all 50 of them and picking just one is pointless so at the end I’ll just ignore your recommendation. Single tracks or full length albums work best.