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  • Anni di attività

    1997 – oggi (20 anni)

  • Luogo di fondazione

    Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spagna

  • Componenti

Antònia Font (Catalan pronunciation: ) is a Majorcan band, formed in 1997. They are characterized by their festive music and their humorous and fantastic lyrics. The group's creative universe includes elements such as outer space and astronautics, combined with themes from everyday life. Their lyrics are written in the Catalan variant spoken in Mallorca.

They are generally classified as a pop group, though they have stated that they do not have any "stylistic prejudices" when composing songs.

Joan Miquel Oliver, the group's guitarist, composes the songs. Oliver has also recorded solo albums and written for other groups, including Fora des Sembrat.

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