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An Electronic Hero (alias Federico Foria) is a music project founded in 2014.

Why AN? Because in the modern society each of us, every day, is an electronic hero.
Why ELECTRONIC? The art and the songs are a reference to a sphere of our soul which is, inevitably nowadays, more electronic but not less emotional as expression of the demons and heroes of modern society.
Why HERO? I'm not a hero but just someone who will fight to become an hero day by day.

Federico Foria was born in 1989 in Italy. After a childhood divided between studies and music, in which he collected a lot of presences and awards at local and national events, he founded in 2014 the solo project An Electronic Hero. In the same year he released his first EP An Electronic Sphere that collects more than 300.000 plays. In January 2015 the album and the videoclip of the single Sun won the best album award on the magazine Traks (ITA) and the best video on the Short of the Month (IND). Moreover Sun is showed in a lot of important American festivals such as the Windsor Independent Film Festival, 2015 Blackbird Film Festival and the Student Art Festival. The songs from the new EP are composed, arranged, recorded and mastered by him. Not only the instrumental part but the artist has created all the lyrics and vocal lines that the remaining crew members have voiced.

2015 - Isoipstar (EP)
2014 - An Electronic Sphere (EP)

2015 - Sun (An Electronic Sphere)

Facebook Channel
YouTube Channel
Soundcloud Channel

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