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  • Durata

    8 brani

1. Going Down (Don Nix) 3:15
2. Early In The Morning (Gasper Lawal) 5:38
3. You Got The Power (To Turn Me On) (Willie M. Chabers) 10:32
4. Snape (Alexis Korner and Ian Wallace) 16:51
5. Rock Me Baby (Trad.Arr.Alexis Korner) 9:13
6. These Kind Of Blues (Junior Wells) 5:55
7. The Night Time Is The Right Time (Ray Charles) 5:58
8. Bottom Of The Sea (Muddy Waters) 4:39
9. Oo-Wee Baby (Trad.Arr.Alexis Korner and Peter Thorup) 3:18

Alexis Korner: vocal (1,2,5,9), electric guitar (except for 2), backing vocals (3)
Peter Thorup: vocals (1,2,3,9), electric guitar and backing vocals (5)
Boz Burrell: bass guitar, backing vocals (1,2,3,5), vocals (6,7,8,9)
Mel Collins: saxophones
Tim Hinkley: piano (1), organ (2,7,8,9), electric piano (4,6)
Gasper Lawal: African drums (except for 1), percussion
Ian Wallace: drums
Produced by Peter Walmsley
Chief Engineer: Peter Walmsley
Executive Producer: Peter Thorup
Album co-ordinator: Philip Roberge

Recorded at various concerts in Germany, November 18- December 19, 1972
Released in November 1973, Brain LP (2/1039), Germany only

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