• Nobuooo 1.09 Top Stories

    Apr 8 2009, 5:18 di jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest rated and most viewed news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of January 2009. Find out what people voted for, commented on, and tuned into at the very beginning of the year.

    In January there was a vote for the best music of 2008, a video documentary of 8-Bit Jesus, Higher Plain Music and Tenchu 4, the first samples from Final Fantasy XIII, and a Super Mario stage production featuring a cameo by Barack Obama. There were also interviews, free soundtrack downloads, and samples of upcoming game albums.


    Nobuooo 1.09: The Perfect High

    Delayed but not forgotten, for the January installment of the Nobuooo video series, Doctor Octoroc describes the process behind creating his acclaimed holiday chiptunes album 8-Bit Jesus, Sitorimon of Higher Plain Music provides an overview of his site's interview with SimAnimals composer Winifred Phillips, and Jeriaska provides another perspective on Noriyuki Asakura's score for Tenchu 4.