• My Indie Christmas 2006.

    Dic 16 2006, 23:32 di helikoppter

    I'm not very fond of christmas music. Sure, I don't mind listening to Agnetha & Linda while decorating the christmas tree on December 23. And usually I can tolerate christmas songs at least till the 26th. The rest of the year, all traditional christmas songs are a no-no to me. This year it's different. Now I feel like I've hoarded christmas albums. And even with some of those traditional songs, music wise this will be my best christmas yet. Here's why.

    Christmas Meets Cavare Sound 13 Christmas Songs of 13 Stars

    When I first listened to this album a couple of years ago I thought it was the best christmas compilation album I had ever heard. Of course this was when YesAsia did not carry releases from Cavare, but I did remember to ask mrkwang for it some time ago.

    On the CD, there are thirteen songs from thirteen artists. More than half of the songs are original and I believe all of the artists were signed with Cavare at the time. …