• The Musical Awakening of Tobias Ampersand: Part 1

    Lug 15 2007, 15:32 di ampersandsg

    Let's skip all that music is my life crap, shall we? We all know the clichés, so there's really no point. If you don't like music, you have no soul. I don't care who you are, but everyone has at least one song that moves them in a way they can't explain. Or that signposts a significant moment in their life. If you say no, you must be lying and I don't want to hear any more of your rubbish, so sit down and pay attention. Or better still, turn on the radio or the TV or your computer or leave your house and go to a record store and just look and listen and find that song. Cause until you do, your life is nothing but an empty, meaningless existence. Ok?


    1987 was when I first started to notice music. Or at least, when I first started to notice its affect on me. So, we're gonna start there. Let the record show, I would've been eight at the time. For Christmas that year, I was given Smash Hits '87 on cassette. Sure, you'd probably call it an embarrassing collection today…