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  • Data di nascita

    14 Agosto 1963 (età: 55)

  • Luogo di nascita

    Seattle, King County, Washington, Stati Uniti

The last living rock star.

The rock n roll circus known as Adam Bomb, has been tearing the road all over Europe. Like no band has toured before.
For the past 6 years, Adam Bomb has developed a die hard fan base, playing up to 250 shows a year, this band does more gigs than most people have hot meals.

Along with long time bassist, fire breather and rock screamer Paul Del Bello, and new drummer Violet Cannibal, who is quite possibly the best female rock drummer in the world, this band will be burning up club & festival stages on the Guitarmageddon 2011 Tour.

This band is the real deal, as dirty as it gets. On stage & off, Adam Bomb is a larger than life guitar hero, a menace to police and a rock n roll outlaw. In 2010 alone, the band traveled over 100,000 kilometers and obtained over 100 signatures in their “police only” guestbook. Adam Bomb himself has been quite popular in some border towns and is frequently stopped by police who ask to get a photograph with Adam.

The band uses lights and fire, pyro effects, putting on a rock show that leaves audiences breathless. With Adam’s original smash hits like Pure S.E.X. I Want My Heavy Metal, Pissed, D.W.I. On The Info Superhighway, S.S.T,, Rock Like F**k and the French hot single Je Taime Bebe, the band also does classic songs written by Kiss, UFO, AC DC, Trust,and Led Zeppelin. The bass player of Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones, wrote a song called Angry Angry especially for Adam to play live. Adam played guitar on the recorded version that appears on John Paul Jones most recent solo album The Thunderthief.

Since 2007, Adam Bomb along with bassist Paul Del Bello has supported Motorhead,Iggy Pop,Twisted Sister, Hanoi Rocks, Steve Adler of Guns ‘n Roses,The Wildhearts, Marky Ramone, Dragonforce and others as well as doing over 1000 headline shows. Adam Bomb has played in concerts in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Denmark, and Monaco,

The band has done this accomplishment all WITHOUT a booking,agent, record company, or manager.
Back in 1985 Adam Bomb sang the lyrics “I’m gonna rock until I die” in the rock anthem “I Want My Heavy Metal.” released on Geffen Records.
After 9 solo albums, 1000′s of gigs, dozens of high profile guest appearances on other peoples records, countless interviews and photos, and videos, Adam Bomb will probably do just that.

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