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Gothic/Visual/Symphonic Black Metal

The idea of Abaddon was started on 06/06/2006 under the name XiV-XviiJ, as a gothic medieval atmospherical project. The members were XiV; and XviiJ, currently known as Ayakashi, and Karael (active from 2004 to present day)

Their works were never publicly published under the name XiV-XviiJ being that they wanted to make a personal gateway, and simply did not care to be noterized.
In 2006 and again in 2008 their works were used in various artist albums as Intros and atmospherical midways. Their works also appear in several obscure movies.
They've always remained anonimous or used pseudonyms

Ayakashi has also created under another name many of the gothic castle/graveyard/creepy forest pictures you can find on the internet and people use on a daily basis, but has never recieved any credit for these images.

In 2011 they changed the name to Abaddon, and Zakai joined the project.
They have also had a certain evolution in the idea, the sound will now be Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal.

It is still unknown when their music will be available, and if they will perform live shows or not, or speak for that matter. (obviously apart from the vocals of the music)
They will surely release music videos that will grasp the atmosphere of the songs.
At the moment the current focal point is the release Maxi single Cds along with music videos + remixes, once everything reaches the level they are looking for they then will think about the full album.

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