• ALI PROJECT - Grand Finale

    Dic 13 2007, 0:01 di clowezra

    This is my first review, hope ya all enjoy~

    After releasing their fantastic album Psychedelic Insanity, ALI PROJECT returns with a refreshing change from their Black Alice work, back into a beautiful Strings works, including orchestrated versions of many classic ALIPRO songs, all compiled into one splendid album: Grand Finale. Thus, my review shall begin.

    1. 月蝕グランギニョル (Gesshoku Grand Guignol) - Lunar Eclipse Grand Guignol
    Original Style: Black Alice
    Review: The orchestrated version follows the same tune, but in a more interesting fashion, with added instruments to add a more violent and yet intriguing effect. I feel that this version was a lot better than the original. I feel this way because Arika's voice feels very unappreciated in the original. But, in this version, her voice is more of a highlight of the track, although the instruments are played beautifully, especially in the instrumental solo nearing the end of the track.

    2. 恋せよ乙女 (Koiseyo Otome) - Fall in love, maiden