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  • Anni di attività

    1985 – oggi (35 anni)

  • Luogo di fondazione

    Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Flanders, Belgio

  • Componenti

    • Fedzjean Venvelt (1988 – 1991)
    • Marc Heyndrickx (1986 – oggi)
    • Nico Mansy
    • Peter Bonne (1986 – 1991)
    • Peter Boone (1988 – 1991)

A Split-Second is a Belgian electronic body music band. The project was born in 1985 as a solo project of Marc Heyndrickx (under the name Marc Ickx), who self-released the demo-tape "Stained Impressions" with Peter Bonne (later re-named Chrismar Chayell) producing. Bonne at that time was releasing music as Twilight Ritual together with vocalist Geert Coppens.

After signing to Antler Records, A Split-Second made their debut in 1986 with the single "Flesh". It was followed the next year by the album Ballistic Statues. At that time the band was composed by Ickx and electronic musician Philip Vargod (better known for his new-beat/acid-house project Lips Kiss. Bonne of course was present as producer and co-author of 4 songs (including hit single "Flesh").

After a brief tour Philip V. left the band, replaced by Bonne who became an official member and a driving force behind A Split Second. With this new line-up the band released another single, "Rigor Mortis", in 1987.

In late 1988, they were signed to the American label, Wax Trax! Records, and released the albums A Split-Second and From The Inside in the US. The singles "Rigor Mortis", "Mambo Witch" and "Colosseum Crash" (featuring guest vocals by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra) were also chart-topping hits. New members Fedjean Venvelt (guitars) and Peter Boone (keyboards) joined the band for their first US tour in 1989.

Their 1990 album, Kiss of Fury, featured the track "The Parallax View", which was also a successful single and saw the band moving towards more of a guitar-based sound. Nico Mansy (keyboards) joined the band for their second US tour. "Flesh" peaked in the UK Singles Chart at #68 in December 1991.

In 1991, Bonne became involved in a side project, Wasteland, which soon became more important for him than A Split-Second. Notwistanding this, he released, under the name A-Split Second, the remix album "Flesh & Fire - 1991 Remixes" without the presence of Icks (the real founding member of the band).

In late 1993 the Icks & Chayell released one more album Vengeance C.O.D. and, after a Swedish Tour in early 1994 the duo split. Ickx decided to continue alone under the name A-Split Second and joined Gitane Demone in her electronic project Demonix.

In March 1995 A Split Second/Marc Icks released the album "Megabite" and the tour saw Icks performing live with guitarist Fedzjean Venvelt and old keyboard-player Philip Vargod. After this tour and new Demonix remixes (released only in 2000), Icks announces his retirement from the music scenes in 1997.

The band returned to the live scene in 2001. Since 2009, they have been playing live regularly.

A Split-Second's debut single "Flesh" is credited with starting the New Beat genre, at 33 rpm, "Fat Ronnie's inspiration snowballed when Marc Grouls and a handful of other DJs were listening to "Flesh", the latest 12" from Belgian electronic band A Split Second in Antwerp's USA Import record store. By slowing the pitch control down to a lurching 33 (33+8), Marc transformed the track from pleasant Euro-Industrialism to the melodramatic, pomp-laden epic that's been firing London warehouses all summer.

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