• Break Up songs

    Dic 3 2006, 7:18 di KTD264

    Okay I just recently had a break up...I honesty miss him and I don't know how long it will be but in the meantime if he still going to be an ass than at least I have my music to look forword to. For the next couple of days or whatever I'm going to play my personal extended playlist...of course love/hate affiliated crap. Here is a snippet of a portion of my hundereds. Some are obvious it's a love/hate song but others I interpret as one like a melodic death metal or some such as...and hopefully I can find better ones in this situation for me to at least cope with my situation as it is...


    Love this song to death, which caught my ears when I first heard it when I bought this cd. I played it soooo much, if I ripped the cd on my computer any earlier, you would've been able to see it be 100 or something plays. My favorite lyric is in the chorus "..you're heart is like a frozen half life atmostphere, A lonely soul that smoulder from the thirst of suffering.......All my being that never fall down.