• Two concerts, 8 bands, 1 week :)

    Mar 29 2009, 17:27 di amykake

    Ra Ra Riot, Cut Off Your Hands, So Many Dynamos, 40's

    Really great show! Let's start with the venue. It was my first visit to Akron's Musica, and I loved it! Tucked away in an ally next to the highly regarded "Crave," It's kinda hard to find which adds to it's anti establishment charm. There is an attached coffee shop, which I totally dig. Wish I could have gotten a Latte but unfortunately this show was on a wednesday (boo). Pretty terrible beer selection, but no worse than the grog shop.

    OK moving on to the concert.... 40s, a local Canton band, opened. They were pretty good! They had a my morning jacket/ my chemical romance-y sound. Not so much my style, but I really liked the vocals. The arrangements lacked a certain elegance however. If this band un-muddies their sound it would be one to look out for in the future.
    Next up... So many Dynamos. I actually really liked this band. Their sound check (which consisted of them YELLING into the mics) was the fucking most annoying thing ever…