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Vocal : Chiba
Guitar : Fullface
Guitar : Satty
Bass : Wan chen chen
Drums : Giga flare
Programming : KURIHARA

Sendai Kamotsu is a mystery from the Miyagi prefecture. Their music, which comes from the heart, is a mix of everything from heavy metal, country, ballads, enka and much more. They often change their looks and costumes, which are very flamboyant and crazy, adding confusion to what viewers may feel about this already mysterious group of performers. For listeners in search of something out of the ordinary, this is the band too check out. With their astonishing performances, they will rock your pants off.
Red is their band color, red means passion, red is the color of MEN!


Before Nightmare became major, Sendai Kamotsu started their activities in 2002. The band consists of Chiba on vocals, Satty and Full Face on guitar, Wan Chenchen on bass and Giga flare on drums.

As one of their first activities, the band took part in one of the Cannonball omnibuses and participated in the corresponding mini tour with D, DOREMIdan and Shulla. They've had several releases, consisting of two demo tapes, two live DVDs and several various CD releases.

In order for their fans to be able to feel 'closer' to the band, Sendai Kamotsu offers replicas of their famous baseball caps and coverall outfits for sale on their official site. They also sell many other items and things that aren't usual for any band to be selling in the first place.

This summer, they released a new single and album revolving around their 'gay' theme. The release's companion tour, appropriately titled Jinsei Geimu, also reflected their 'gay' obsession as 'game' was intentionally misspelled as 'geimu' (in katakana).

What else can we come to expect from Sendai Kamotsu? Only time will tell. No doubt it will be something 'gay' and crazy and, without a doubt, entertaining.

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