• Takui Live from Dec. 22

    Mar 14 2007, 15:41 di Kioz13

    Ok I suck at remembering songs. I just know that Stay Together was first the rest are totally out of order. I also don't know his newer songs that well. I think I got most of them. I also couldn't really hear when he announced songs and sometimes I can only recognize the song by the chorus. XD

    Stay Together
    Yuki ni Negai o
    Do it Boys and Girls
    I'm a Sod
    (It's Gonna Be) Ok
    Hello My Friends
    Power to the Music
    Taiyou ga Shizumu Mae ni
    Ganbou Roullette (OMFG YES)
    Billboard de naku Canary (this was awesome)
    Baby, Go For It
    Dareka no Koe
    Kasa wo Sasanai Kimi no Tame ni
    Dummy Fake Rollers
    Black HOle

    Yeah I can't remember songs very well but oh well. It was awesome and fun. I got there like an hour early because I'm anal like that and actually chatted with a Japanese fan. That was fun. Weird mix of Japanese and English though. XD We had similar numbers though mine was first. …