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    Apr 28 2007, 15:57 di RocketShipX41

    Автограф – Автограф (1985)

    (AKA avtograf or maybe even Autograph)

    Since I’ve been working through my backlog of albums to review and rate in alphabetical order, I get some interesting juxtapositions. Like this one. I just finished off three albums by Association PC and now I move on to this Russian prog band. Aside from the fact that both are well outside the mainstream consciousness, they could hardly be further apart. I’m tempted to say Автограф was the Russian version of Saga. Actually, that pretty much sums it up. This is 80s prog through and through, with no real distinguishing features. It’s well written and well played, but doesn’t linger in your brain or make you think. The typical comparisons might also include Marillion, which is pretty fair, though in some ways this band is more accessible than Marillion. 8/15.