What's your favourite album?

  • What's your favourite album?

    Moonsorrow - All the Albums :))
    Thyrfing - Valdar Galga and Urkraft
    Thronar - For Death and Glory
    Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr and Sagas (They have already 2 albums)
    Kromlek - Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors
    XIV Dark Centuries - Jul (EP) and Skithingi
    Stormlord - At the Gates of Utopia and Supreme Art of War

  • Forefather - Steadfast

  • ENSIFERUM, Einherjer, Moonsorrow, Radogost

  • My favourite album

    Ensiferum "From Afar", "Victory Song", "Ensiferum", "Iron"
    Einherjer "Odin Owns Ye All" and "Norron"

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