Buffering problem has made this app unusable

  • Buffering problem has made this app unusable

    Really want this to work -- I love the interconnectedness of the online page, iTunes, and the app. But.... the last.fm app on my iPod touch, over an excellent wi-fi connection, has buffering problems about every 15 seconds which makes it completely unusable; it simply can't get through a single song. I would gladly accept reduced bit rate/quality to fix this problem but that doesn't seem to be an option. Just downloaded the app about 1 week ago. Is there a fix on the way? Any suggestions?


    Update: after another day of use, it seems like the buffering problem is only a real issue when using the app in the evening. During the day today, I had no problems, but again this evening it just can't get through more than about 30 seconds of a song.

    • rhautle ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Apr 25 2010, 17:29

    last.fm iPhone app: unstable

    I have the same problem. Are the last.fm folks looking into this?
    I'm in Switzerland, is there a problem with that? Any type of error/warning message would be great.

    • blitz99 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Mag 1 2010, 0:46

    40 Seconds, buffer, then skip

    First impression is that the LastFM app could be great, but… I have the buffer issue described above. It plays 30-40 seconds, buffers then skips. It's fine on the same network on a laptop.

    I can't imagine it working on 3G if it is like this, but will try, but it is nauseating listening to a bit of a song and then it jump to something else without your consent.

    Feature request: Is it just me or is there no reverse gear on this app? I can't seem to find a way to go back a track, only forward. Is this a retro feature like a cheap personal cassette stereo used to only have fast forward?

  • I have this issue as well

    This happens on both wifi and 3g networks. Funny thing is, Pandora as well as iSub (an app for my subsonic server) works perfectly and streams without any problems (even on 3g with poor signal strength!). My copy of the last.fm app can not even get through one song when I'm 2 feet away from my wifi router...

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