Kasabians Best Song

    • Dan15101 ha detto...
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    • Lug 7 2005, 13:28

    Kasabians Best Song

    IMO it got to be Reason Is Treason.
    whats urs

  • Couldn't Decide

    Kasabian's album was the first I have listened to in a long time where I honestly could not pick you a favourite. I feel like such a girl saying this, describing her favourite westlife album, but I really think every track on it is brilliant!

    Can't wait untill I go see them on Saturday evening!

    Anyone else going to Oxegen?

  • I would say L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) is may favorite, but I also love Cutt Off and Reason is Treason.

  • reason is treason

  • L.S.F. for sure.

    • pinkego ha detto...
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    • Lug 17 2005, 14:16
    beneficial herbs, reason is treason jagz kooner mix and.... i.d

  • l.s.f.

  • Hmm...LSF, but maybe Club Foot...

  • I think the whole album is brilliant (except maybe Ovary Stripe).

    I think Running Battle is a great song, but its gotta be Reason is Treason.

  • i do agree. i love processed beats also

  • butcher blues

    listen to butcher blues at night in a pitch black room, such a great chillout song. another fav would be test transmission

    "it was in our hands, from 6 til 10, it slipped right out again" - Weeping Willow, the Verve
  • Butcher blues
    ...and L.S.F.

    • kirstie ha detto...
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    • Dic 20 2005, 17:32


    Quoth Franticness:
    I think the whole album is brilliant (except maybe Ovary Stripe).

    i agree.


    • aloof ha detto...
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    • Dic 23 2005, 16:00
    ... I.D.!!
    they started their set with it when i saw them at o2 music festival, it was amazing. though its followed closely by beneficial herbs and running battle and reason in treason, its all so good.

    its called small talk, not my depressing life in 30 seconds
    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Dic 26 2005, 23:15

    Processed Beats!

    hi i'm new here

    just wanna say that I LOVE Processed Beats.

    • deslo15 ha detto...
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    • Gen 14 2006, 22:01

    Go Boston Bruins
    Go St-Louis Rams
  • I.D.

    followed by Running Battle

  • Processed Beats

    it was the first song I heard from em.

    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come - Shakespeare
  • I've got three or four favourites. Hmm. "Club Foot", "Processed Beats" and "Reason Is Treason". 1.2.3.

  • I've got three or four favourites. Hmm. "Club Foot", "Processed Beats" and "Reason Is Treason". 1.2.3.

    • robboaus ha detto...
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    • Feb 18 2006, 2:26
    Club Foot

    Modificato da robboaus in data Feb 22 2006, 5:29
  • another newbie who can't decide...its all great

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    • OkGo ha detto...
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    • Apr 10 2006, 14:59
    Cutt Off or Lab Twat

    Theres no such thing as a disability. Its just an excuse for lazyness.
    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Mag 4 2006, 17:38
    L.S.F., Cutt Off, I.D. and U-Boat! Club Foot is too overplayed on TV channels, games ect :( still a good song!

  • try out my new group "red music"

    hey i'm new i only have one album of them the album kasabian... god this is such a hard question all their songs are really beautiful.. ok i'd say reason is treason and also maybe LSF it's got a really good beat...

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