• Death-something needed or to be avoided?

    Mag 25 2008, 20:10 di the_abyss91

    Death is the end of life.But what's the actual meaning of death?Why do we all die?Is there a special reason behind death?
    What if dying is only an option?And at the moment humanity isn't evolved enough to take the other option,which is obviously not dying?Although immortality may seem a rather foolish idea,why are we so afraid of death?Perhaps we are aware of the fact that we could actually prevent death,if we continue to evolve?Our bodies may not naturally cope with our desire,but our mind desperately tries to exist.So maybe the reason why we die is only because our bodies aren't made to last as long as we want.What if death is actually more like a disease,would there be a cure to it?If so then I'm positive that there is,because there's no such thing as an incurable disease,only temporarily incurable diseases.As we humans evolve,we always find cures for what was once known as incurable.Currently I think that the only known weakness of death may be birth,but what if there is another one?
    Life is currently defined as the period between birth and death.But the birth of what?The birth of our bodies and our minds,or the birth of one of those two alone?Since the mind is directly connected to our body through the brain,it is given birth along with our body.However must the "breaking" of our bodies result in the mind ceasing to exist?Maybe the key to immortality is preserving our mind,in other words keeping the brain functioning.
    I believe that deep inside our subconscious we know that we can prevent death,and that is the reason why we fear death and always try to stay alive.If we knew that death is 100% something unavoidable why would we have gone to such efforts to cure diseases?Perhaps our mind is still consciously unaware of its true desires,and that our true desires are leaking out our current desires.If that is right,then I think our egoistical struggle to avoid death may be our true minds awareness of the power to do so.
    But I won't deny the possibility that humans are simply naive,irrational creatures whom,in their ignorance,believe they have the power to do anything.I may have mistook the fear of death for something bigger,and that it actually is simply like an arrogant child's wish for something they can't have.However that seemingly foolish desire is what kept humanity taking one step forward.Immortality seems like an impossible dream but it's what kept humans evolving,so achieving immortality wouldn't be such a good thing for humanity in the end.
    Let's assume that humans were to achieve immortality.What next?Humanity may become more ignorant than it currently is,since all humans would act like some spoiled kid whose every wish came true.Also we would nave no mortality rate and we would be too many for our everybody's sake,and so humanity would only cause itself more problems than it can handle.
    Death may be an error of nature,but good errors still exist nowadays.Humanity may need more death than we can accept.Maybe if we stop seeking eternal life humanity will actually take a big step forwards,and only genetically good humans will inhabit the world,unfortunately for those who didn't have the chance to be genetically normal.In any pack of animals the sick are always left at the back,and if they cannot keep up with the rest of the pack then they are sacrificed for the good of the head.Humans don't do that.Humans want to "keep the pace" with those who can't run as good as the others,and that may be what keeps humanity for reaching it's full potential.Even though it sounds like a drastic idea,you should try to look at the bigger picture.This planet has a limit to how many humans it can actually support,and our numbers are more than Earth,or better said nature,can handle.Humans in their desperate battle to prevent death as much as they could destroyed the natural balance and nature suffered more than it should and we are seeing the consequences of it now.
    So until humanity will see the true beauty behind the ugly mask of the grim reaper humans will have to crawl their way through history,and eventually to their extinction.After all,the big bad wolf is humanity and not the big scary "monster" with a scythe.

    P.S.:If you see some mistakes with grammar ignore them please and I'll give you a Scooby Snack.

    Added later:There is yet one more possibility.Albert Einstein believed that if humans were to use 100% of their brain capacity they would become pure energy and they wouldn't need bodies.And since energy cannot be destroyed we can assume that we could become immortal if we'll take a few steps up on the evolutionary stair.I guess that immortality comes with time.
  • Participate in a Research Project on Metal!

    Giu 18 2008, 5:20 di thyyhc

    Please visit and take part in a study on The Meaning of Metal.

    Mika Elovaara (Project Director) is a Finnish university instructor and researcher working in the US, and He working on a three-year project on The Meaning of Metal. By conducting this study He hope to demythicize some of the most common stereotypes and prejudices people have about Metal and its culture, and bring the more positive aspects of Metal culture to the awareness of a wider audience. The primary data in this study consists of questionnaires and interviews of the various participants of Metal culture, for example artists, fans and event organizers. They will present the research results in a scholarly article and hopefully, in a published monograph based on this research. Thanks in advance for your contribution and your interest in our study. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you have invested in promoting appreciation for metal culture.invested in promoting appreciation for metal culture.

  • Top-10 Albums of 2006

    Dic 18 2006, 6:53 di Crimson77

    I am totally stuck in the eighties, but here's the best 2006 releases I've heard (no best of, live albums, singles or EPs):

    1. Crows Fly Black
    2. Eclipse
    3. The Great Cold Distance
    4. Above the Weeping World
    5. Approach
    6. Tides
    7. He Kutsuivat Luokseen
    8. False Metal
    9. Kuoleman laulukunnaat
    10. A Matter of Life and Death

    Every kind of feedback is very welcome!

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