• The Whitlams, Wrest Point Casino, Hobart, Saturday the 4th of November

    Nov 5 2006, 15:37 di lowee

    Beauty In Me
    Life's a Beach
    Fall for You
    Been Away Too Long
    Made Me Hard
    Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
    You Sound Like Louis Burdett
    Royal in the Afternoon
    I Was Alive
    Year of the Rat
    No Aphrodisiac
    Blow Up the Pokies

    Tim Solo:
    Charlie No.2
    12 Hours
    The Curse Stops Here
    Keep The Light On (Band started up half way though)

    Fancy Lover
    She's Moving In
    Stay With Me
    i will not go quietly
    Charlie No.3
    Laugh in Their Faces
    Short People (Randy Newman)
    I Make Hamburgers

    A Photo:

    A Short Video of Short People:

    What a great gig, the best Whitlams show that I've seen yet. I'll edit and actually put something in this review later on. If your reading this and it's no longer 2006, then you can safely assume I was too lazy to finish the review.

    Ott 13 2006, 16:00 di nomsta

    thoughts pre gig:


    already i am jittery and giggly like a silly school-girl remembering the last time i saw them live - 7 months ago. singing at the top of my lungs and dancing right up the very front. and not dancing like there was nobody watching - dancing like i was in a room full of people loving the experience just as much as i did. sober i have never felt more intoxicated.. and it didnt end just there! for almost a week afterwards i was a sighing wreck, staring out of windows and replying to any gesture with a massive inhaling of the breath and a lusty exhale.

    I remember standing in the middle of The Corner after snagging myself a set list (replete with typos.. it sits on my wall now) sipping a beer but not even tasting it, as people either filtered out of the venue or over to the merch table. i so wanted to go over and thank Tim and the boys - tell them what their music has meant to me, how i'd buy a ticket to their gigs even when under-age just in case i got in, and how i'd stand outside listening with the knowledge i'd one day be in - but i couldnt figure out how to drift down from cloud nine, and i was positive if they even muttered anything close to the word "thanks" i would spontaneously combust and never ever get to see them again.

    Thoughts post-Gig:
    tonight, tears poured down my face from 10:30 till 12:30.
    i danced, shook, and rocked using my aching feet as my own personal percussion instrument.
    pelting out each and every word with the conviction of somebody with no regrets, i felt as if i both existed eternally and was drifting away into a crack in the ether.

    from there i am wordless.
    told tim just how much his music means to me, about buying tickets with the knowledge i wouldnt b let in, but having them just in case. he was nice, of course. with an odd mixture of cynicism and caring he smiled and happily signed my setlist and tshirt, saying something like "poor dear" to my stepside listening. it's nice to believe that he would have looked in my eyes and said "let's be friends", before handing me a bottle of red and promissing hours of whimsy - but hey, in reality i'm just another fan, and it sorta doesnt worry me in the slightest. through his tallents and music i have received so much.

    there must have been something in their drinks because they played with such vigour and jest. there is a band that still loves performing and giving. i'd love to write more but, i just.. *sigh*

    SET LIST (as written):
    No Aphro
    12 Hrs
    Light On
    Moving In
    I Will Not
    White H
    Ham b

    intead of charlie 2, they played Kate Kelly. Came on for a third encoure and played Shine and Melbourne.. there may have been a couple more in there but as i said.. i'm just *sigh*

    The Whitlams
  • Whitlams Shows!

    Ago 10 2006, 9:19 di nomsta

    Hope all you Melbournian Whitlams fans are jumping on tickets for The Whitlams at The Corner Hotel on Friday October 13

    Must be a good year - just 18 and The Whitlams twice? - things sure are looking up :)
  • The Whitlams (Tim & Terepai, The 'Half Whits'), live at the James hotel (well,…

    Giu 4 2006, 17:25 di lowee

    Quite a nice gig, maybe 100/150 people, I'm really not good at estimating crowd sizes. The opening support was Carl from The Dead Abigails, a local band I've heard of, but never heard. His set was quite nice, acoustic pop, most of which seemed to draw on relationships as a theme.

    The next support was Iota from Sydney, also on Blackyak records like The Whitlams, which I believe is part (or fully) owned by Tim. A very talented musician, I'll admit I find it hard to get into bands at gigs who I don't already know, but I still really enjoyed the set none the less. I guess the set was about 7 or 8 songs.

    There was a very short break, and then Tim and Terepai appeared on stage. I must point out my song order is very approximate, and differs from another list of songs I've seen from the night. They got straight down to business launching into 'You Gotta Love This City'. This was one of the songs I hadn't expected and was very nice. I really love 'Sydney 2000 Olympics Theme', and 'You Gotta Love This City', so to hear the later played just on keyboard with drums was somewhere in between the two. The Love This City lyrics etc, but without all the production. Next was 'Fall For You', which was also good to hear an acoustic version of, it beats the Torch The Moon version hands down.

    'No Aphrodisiac' was good as expected, no lyrical variations though. 'Beauty in Me', very nice, as was 'Gough'. Around this time there was a call for him to play 'Peter Collard' by a drunk, but he said he hadn't played it in 10 years and pointed out that he'd never sang it. I yelled 'Following My Own tracks' shorty after (not during a song), but I don't think he heard. The drunk later also asked for it, and actually went up to Tim, who explained some reason why he couldn't play it. Possibly something to do with the settings on his keyboard. After 'Gough' Tim got another rather loud request to 'play something we don't know', he said we can have our requests when he'd had his, and held up his setlist. He then smiled and said "I'd like to request, 'Keep The Light On'", which he promptly played (It may have been KTLO, I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was a Little Cloud song). The set went on, Blow Up The Pokies, Fondness, Louis etc etc. The 3 Charlies were then played consequtively which was very very good. Then came White Horses, Terepai and Tim's 'bah bah bah's were brilliant. Year of the Rat was good, I know I say this about every song, but it's true.

    Someone in the crowd kept yelling 'Hamburgers', so Tim said he's play it just so that they'd go home. They did 'I Was Alive' with iOTA on the guitar, and then they played one of iOTA's new songs, which Tim said he'd just heard the other day and thought was beautiful. iOTA was farwelled from the stage, receiving quite a lot of applause and the show went on. Sometime after this (next on my setlist, but I don't think it was) they launched into The Ballad Of Lester Walker. Tim said 'We're going to play the first track from the first album", and I nearly yelled 'Woohoo', because it was one I really wanted to hear but I didn't. Tim then said sarcastically 'And the crowd went wild', to the group of silent people looking at him. Lester was great, as expected, and Tim and Terepai did a really deep 'In the moruary...', which was cool. Next was 'She's Moving In', and then came 'I'm Different', which was unexpected but great. Terepai did great bird noises, and the other parts where Tim doesn't sing in his hillarious deep voice. Tim said they were coming to the end of the show, and launched into a great rendition of 'Thankyou'. The 'Daaa daaa daa da da' bits were terrific. The band said goodbye, and dissapeared off stage in the standard pre-encore fashion. Tim returned a minute or so later and played '12 Hours' while "Terepai was using the toilet". Pai returned at the end of 12 hours, and another request for something off Undeniably was yelled out, Tim said 'No..' but here's another one off the same album, and launched into 'I Get High'. IGH would have to have been the highlight of the entire set for me, it's such a great song and it really was very unexpected, as I hadn't seen any set for the earlier Tassie gigs, and it hadn't been played in the full band shows on the mainland recently. It was a little weird with silence during Stevies parts of the song, it's a shame Terepai didn't stand in. And that, my friends, was the end of the gig.

    I went over to Tim at the door afterward, and got him to autograph 'Little Cloud' for me, and have a very brief chat about singles. Apparently their singles don't sell, so Fondness is only a radio single as was 'I Was Alive'. I said "So no more B-sides?", and he said maybe with the possible third single. I then went to find Terepai, and couldn't, but the guy who travels with the band sent him out for me. He signed Little Cloud also, and added his mark to Torch The Moon, as I only had Tim and Jak from an earlier Tassie gig. I remarked that all I needed now was Warwicks signature, and he said 'Oh, thats easy, I'll forge it for you', and he wrote 'WAZ!'. And that, is the end of the review.

    Setlist (very approximate order):
    You Gotta Love This City
    Fall for You
    No Aphrodisiac
    Beauty In Me
    Keep The Light On
    Blow Up the Pokies
    Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
    You Sound Like Louis Burdett
    Charlie No.1
    Charlie No.2
    Charlie No.3
    White Horses
    I Make Hamburgers
    Year of the Rat

    I Was Alive(with iOTA)
    One of iOTA's new songs, Tim played the piano, but didn't sing, Terepai played drums for it

    The Ballad of Lester Walker
    She's Moving In
    I'm Different

    12 Hours(Tim Solo)
    I Get High

    If your interested in this gig (or others) go to:
    theres an alternate review there, and a link to some pictures.
  • Whitlams Gig at The Corner Hotel

    Mag 16 2006, 8:14 di nomsta

    Having recently turned 18, i was eagerly awaiting The Whitlams gig at the Corner coz i'd never stepped inside the place before. The fact that Kate Miller-Heidke was supporting was just an added bonus, as id heard her work before, but wasnt expecting great things.

    boy was i wrong. as i walked into the corner and my eyes adjusted to the dim light i was immediately aware of the wonderful voice sweeping over me. coupled with a refreshing beer and and a hilarious rendition of Talking Heads' 'Psycho Killer' as her final number i found myself happy crying. I believe live music is the one thing that can make somebody feel at home anywhere they go, and having some serious 'home' issues i don't think i've felt safer all year.

    The happy tingling didnt end there. Half an hour later, standing right up nexto the stage, staring alternately into Tim Freedman and Jak Housden's eyes and scanning Warwick and Terapai, belting out each and every word to their songs, for the first time in a long time my mind was blissfuly blank.

    laughed when one of Jak's strings broke, and Terapai almost knocked his kit over..

    oh, and grabbed a set list (complete with typos) at the end. i believe mine was Jak's.

    you know a band's made it when they no longer hand-write their set lists! although i wish they had..

    SET LIST The Corner 14th May:
    Beauty In Me
    Been Away Too Long
    Fall For You
    White Horses
    Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
    You Sound Like Louis Burdett
    Royal In The Afternoon
    She's Moving In
    Made Me Hard
    I Was Alive
    Blow Up The Pokies
    Charlie #2
    Keep The Light On
    Little Cloud
    Stay With Me
    I Make The Hamburgers
    Duffy's Song
    12 Hours
    Year Of The Rat
    Thank You
    Fancy lover
    Band On Every Corner
  • The Whitlams to be on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Monday April 17

    Apr 16 2006, 16:42 di lowee

    Late notice I know, but The Whitlams will be appearing and playing 2 songs on Mornings with Keri-Anne tommorow (Monday April 17) sometime between 9-11am on Nine/WIN.

    Late notice I know, but maybe someone will see it any watch. I think I'll tape it, Keri-Anne is rather painful to watch, this way I can fast forward her.
  • The Whitlams on the AFL Footy Show, Thursday 6th April

    Apr 6 2006, 5:56 di lowee

    Just thought I'd let anyone remotely interested know that The Whitlams will be appearing on the AFL footy show tonight.

    Chances are they'll just perfom the 1 track, probably at the end I'd think.

    So, if your interested/bored enough, and have nothing thrilling to do on a Thursday night, tune in.

    The show is on at 9:30pm on Nine/WIN etc, check your local guide.
  • The Whitlams on Rove

    Apr 3 2006, 13:45 di lowee

    Just thought I'd mention that The Whitlams will be on Rove tommorow night (Tuesday, 3rd April).

    So, if you like The Whitlams, and can put up with that short McManus prat for a few minutes it might be a good watch.

    They'll be playing right at the end I believe, they won't be the house band.

  • The Whitlams - Little Cloud and The Apple's Eye, out now

    Mar 18 2006, 11:53 di lowee

    Well, today’s the day. Officially, The Whitlams new album 'Little Cloud and The Apple's Eye' is released today. I bought mine at Sanity in Tassie yesterday, but apparently some people are having issues getting hold of it in Sydney, something to do with a delay in supply.

    I'm yet to hear a bad thing said about the album, then again, not many people have it yet.

    One complaint I have heard is that it shouldn't be a double album when it only has 16 tracks with a total playing time of just under an hour.

    Tim addresses this in the latest FOW (Friends of The Whitlams) Newsletter, sent out yesterday:

    There's nearly an hour of new music, but it's split into 2 discs, mainly I suppose so the later songs aren't ignored, as tracks 14 onwards often are on a single disc. Don't worry though, it's the same price as a single album.

    Tim's doing some mostly solo instore promotions of the album, as the rest of the boys are busy with other ventures. For more details go to, the official site.

    As for my listening to the album, it's still early days but I already have a couple of favourites. 'Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent', and 'White Horses' are getting a lot of play at the moment, with Fondness getting the most. I can say that there aren't any tracks on the album that I don't like.

    The artwork for the album is quite impressive, with the deluxe version coming as a fold out digipak.

    'I Was Alive' is the first single, albeit a radio only single, so no pressed disc or B-sides. No word yet on the first pressed single, and I believe its actually still being decided. A lot of fan's would like to see 'Fondess Makes The Heart Grow Absent' or 'Beauty In Me' released as a single, but most agree that they aren't necessarily radio friendly.

    Here's a couple of recent press articles/reviews on the album:,20797,18401350-7642,00.html

    I'd review it myself but I'm a fan so I'd struggle to be critical

    That's all for now, oh, and check out:
    Offical message board and a hub of the fan community.

    Oh, and there are samples of the new songs here:

    And, the boys have a Myspace now, well worth a look:
  • The Whitlams - Little Cloud and The Apple's Eye, lead single "I Was Alive"

    Feb 24 2006, 13:07 di lowee

    This is all taken directly from Sanity online:

    If you were looking for Tim Freedman in the early months of 2004 you might have found him doing a few strange things. He was in New York City in the freezing months of winter casting shadows in the steam rising from the subways. He was watching an American eagle hitch a ride on an ice drift down the Hudson River.

    The result is The Whitlams’ new double album Little Cloud, the Sydney band’s sixth studio album after Love this City (1999) and Torch the Moon (2002), the two platinum follow ups to the huge independent hit Eternal Nightcap which won them three ARIAs in 1998. It’s a return to the piano and voice, story-telling style Freedman and The Whitlams fans love.

    The album is broken into two discs. The first, “Little Cloud”, is about returning to Sydney with mixed feelings of love and disillusion in an election year. The second, “Apple’s Eye”, is set in New York, and is about slowly getting strong and well “under a tapestry of stone hung from the sky”.

    “I Was Alive” is the first single, it’s trouble with girls. It’s a barroom stomp with honky tonk piano, real old-fashioned Whitlams. We were a bar band for the first seven years. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” popped into my head one night walking home arguing with this gorgeous girl. When she goes to the newsagent “she don’t know which one to buy, Australian Shooter or Australian Bride”.

    The album was produced by boutique pop maestro J. Walker of Machine Translations, who made it his job to put immediacy and intimacy back into the songs. The result is classic Whitlams. Recorded at the new Electric Avenue in the inner Sydney suburb of Camperdown, Little Cloud features the same personnel as the last two Whitlams albums: piano-playing frontman Tim Freedman, Terepai Richmond on drums, Warwick Hornby on bass and the scene-stealing Jak Housden on guitar.

    Track Listing:
    Disk 1
    1. Been Away Too Long
    2. White Horses
    3. I Was Alive
    4. Year Of The Rat
    5. Keep The Light On
    6. Tonight
    7. 12 Hours
    8. Little Cloud
    Disk 2
    1. Beauty In Me
    2. Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
    3. Beautiful As You
    4. Second Best
    5. Fancy Lover
    6. Stay With Me
    7. She's Moving In
    8. The Curse Stops Here (With The Aco)

    So there you have it, a different name to when I last posted, official release date of March 20th, 2 discs, with 8 tracks on each, one of which is a live track or a rerecord of “The Curse…”, a B-side from the “Blow up the Pokies” single. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited despite all of the setbacks and changes it has taken to reach this point.

    I’m intrigued about this differing disc theory, one about Australia entering an election year and another about New York. I guess I’ll just have to wait a month or so until I can hear it.

    The lead single is “I was alive”, with no release date set, but it must be close. The song was played on Rage last week and I happened to miss it, and now its been dropped after only a week. The mainland commercial stations are playing it apparently (MMM, Nova), but as I live in Tassie I can’t listen to them. Once again it’s a waiting game……..