March Madness --- The Clash

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    • Apr 9 2008, 18:47

    March Madness --- The Clash

    So what did you think of the March Madness event FM 94.9 organized? The Final Four ended up being The Cure, Radiohead, Nirvana and The Clash. The finals, between Nirvana and The Clash, was ultimately won by The Clash. I have to admit I voted for nr. 3 and 4 bands...

  • I was disappointed Modest Mouse bowed out so early and that there was no Wilco. Also...where did Devo come from? Knocking out Beastie Boys, Pixies, and REM? That was a shocker to me.
    I fully expected Bob Marley to run away with it, what, with the weekly 94.9 Marley show and all.

  • I'm not terribly surprised at the results; the final four seemed to be nearly predestined.

    What made it interesting was the steps along the way (the Devo thing was a happy surprise to me).

  • i was really disappointed nirvana lost

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