• Torn

    The new album, Torn, i coming out soon! I've already ordered one for me :)
    What do you think ? I suppose you have heard Fail at least and some of you have probably downloadet it :)

  • I'm glad that they have left Nuclear Blast for their new album, I hope they'll make something more progressive than Monday Morning Apocalypse...
    But I saw that nearly all the songs are between 4 and 5 minutes long. I'm affraid that Torn's gonna be more like MMA than like In Search Of Truth - their best in my opinion.
    Anyway it can't be worst than their last one so... Though I want to hear it or read a chronicle before I buy it.

    • r1Co ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Set 3 2008, 8:24
    new album is available entirely on their myspace and it rocks =]

  • Torn

    I got it a few days ago and it's one of my favorite album now :)

  • Better than MMA, obviously. But imo it's not a very good album. Not prog enough, and the lyrics are ridiculous.
    Is that the Evergrey that made Solitude Dominance Tragedy, In Search Of Truth, Recreation Day and Inner Circle??
    Hope they'll do much better for their next one.. But I hoped it already after MMA...

  • The album is amazing!, is not my favorite but is amazing...
    Songs like "these scars", "In confidence" and "kingdom falls" are awesome...

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