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new denon network receiver will not play lastfm.

  • new denon network receiver will not play lastfm.

    hi there my rcdn7 denon comes already incorporated with napster and last fm but when i attempt to type in username and password i am told...subscription required.i have already an account running fine on my desktop.i tried replacing wireless router connection with an ethernet cable but get same responce.i contacted denon and they acknowledge there is an issue they hoped to resolve by mid may but no change,i am getting other digital stations fine.i have read online that other denon and marantz owners are having the same issue. any suggestions or has anyone else resolved this issue.perhaps i should try and register as a new member..asw a new user with another password? its a shame cos i love this radio station.the manuel has a big section on lastfm,its a big feature of my system and the reason i got scroll down to lastfm on the menu,it asks you to choose to open anew account or enter your password etc,you type it all in press enter and you just get a message back i presume from lastfm telling you you need a subscription or sometimes ..not available in your country.but there is no way to correct this and it s the same router that iaccess lastfm fine on my desktop!Hope this is intelligable to anyone and any help would be appreciated..many thanks

    Denon and Marantz selected AV receivers - radio only available to subscribers in UK and Germany

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