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Tracks Played Counter Reset?

    • evilrix ha detto...
    • Alumni
    • Feb 18 2010, 13:31

    Tracks Played Counter Reset?

    If your played tracks counter has suddenly dropped to a much lower value than expected please read this first.

    This problem is identified in the KNOWN ISSUES thread.
    It might happen that the play counter on your profile suddenly drops a lot of plays, although all the scrobbled tracks are still in your charts. This is a display glitch which will correct itself within 24 hours, you haven't actually lost any scrobbles!
    *** The issue is purely cosmetic, no scobbles have been lost! ***

    To prevent overloading our database with unnecessary queries we use a transient cache mechanism, only pulling your play count from the database if this cache item is missing. The cache entry is removed approximately every 24 hours by an automated process, which forces a direct database read, resetting the cache entry (thus, restoring your play count).

    Only if your play count has not reverted to its correct state after 48 hours should you log a forum request for help. Please state, clearly, in your post that you have waited for at least 48 hours otherwise you are likely just to receive a link to this thread as a response.

    This problem is being actively investigated; however, so far it has proven very elusive. This glitch is as frustrating for us as we know it must be for you... but please bear with us.

    Thank you.

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