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Recommended events

    • neasan ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Gen 10 2012, 12:02

    Recommended events

    What is the algorithm used by for this? recommends I go to this event:
    Jazzie B at The Social
    Now no offence to Jazzie B, Spin Doctor, Chris P Cuts and Mr Rive or the venue but I have no interest in the acts, venue or even the person who added it and don't have any of these artists in my library (might have related artists?).

    However this event:
    Bacchus and Regimes at The Windmill
    Features two acts I have seen previously, one is in my library (hard to scrobble vinyl from the other), I have been to The Windmill before and been to events added by that user. This was not recommended to me, I found it through other channels.

    Is there a way of seeing why an event is being recommended to me and then saying "that is not suitable criteria to be suggesting that event". With 43,000 plays (OK not a massive number) and almost 400 past events there is enough info there for the system to see connections between artists and events. (IMO)

    • Munshot ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 2 2012, 23:27


    The recommended events used to work perfectly for me. I used to rely on it 100%. Now it misses half the stuff that I would be interested in so I just have to search all events in my city to find stuff like:

    Magnetic Fields (458 plays)

    Beirut (311 plays)

    Justice(65 plays)

    Islands (57 plays)

    On the other hand, I get recommended a bunch of stuff that I have never scrobbled, and can't even fathom how it might be considered an appropirate suggestion for me:

    Die Antwoord

    Deadmeat Tour

    and worst of all NICKLEBACK?!!!

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