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Set 26

TodaysArt Festival

Con !!!, 2562 e altri 65 artisti . Sede: Paard van Troje


Venerdì 26 Settembre 2008Sabato 27 Settembre 2008


Paard van Troje
Prinsegracht 12, Den Haag, 2512 GA, Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)70 7503434


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TodaysArt is the annual international festival for adventurous creativity 26 - 27 September 2008 @ The Hague, The Netherlands

music | video and visual arts | film | photography | fashion | performing arts | theatre | contemporary dance | crossovers | and more...

The TodaysArt Festival 2008, which will take place on the 26th and 27th of September in the city centre of The Hague, closes the Dutch festival season and primes the cultural season, bringing over 200 artists to The Hague, from all four corners of the world, for a weekend of unique and cutting edge artistic showcases. Talented explorers invite you to witness their own personal take on today´s creativity.

In its program, TodaysArt emphasizes fresh and vigorous creativity and new forms of expression. The festival welcomes rising talents and artistic pioneers who boldly explore the possibilities of the new and controversial, offering them a place in the spotlights to openly express their talent in the field of Music, Visual Arts, Media Art, Photography, Dance, Fashion, Theater, Film, Video, screenings, presentations and panel discussions. The TodaysArt Festival offers a musical line-up that has something in it for nearly everyone in all sorts of contemporary musical genres.

Program TodaysArt Festival 2008:

MUSIC: 2562, !!!, Andrea Sartori, Andy Stott, Aquanauts (Underground Resistance), Ben Frost, Bertin, Borko, Byetone, Charly & Gallus, Chic Miniature, Chymera, Claro Intelecto, Deadbeat, Edwin Oosterwal, Elitechnique, FrikK & RäT, Frivolous, Geazah, God is an Astronaut, Huoratron, Isolée, Joris Voorn, Kassen, Kettel, Kornreiniger, Legowelt & Orgue Electronique, Lindstrøm, LOUD-E, Maartez & Frits de Vos, Mad EP, Mark Boombastik, MLZ, DJ Moodswinger, Stefan Németh & Steven Hess, NiCad, Not Happy Jan, Nouvelle Vague, Numuw, O Tannenbaum DJ's, Paulo Sossa, Pawel Blot, Pendle Coven, Piece of Shh..., Pier Bucci, Poni Hoax, Prins Thomas, Rejected, Rene SG, Robert Babicz, SCLE, Seabear, DJ Serge, DJ Stingray, Thesis, Thomas Ankersmit, DJ TLR, Wo0

SHOWCASES: <>TAG / Sous-veillance, Antilounge, ArtScience (Royal Academy Of Art), Bunker / Creme Organization, Cinedans, Dag In De Branding, Dis_Patch, Green, Hardcore & Haagse Skate Unie, Modern Love, Mutek, Nemo Festival, Ole Records, Red Bull Music Academy, V2_, Villa Nuts / Interactive Playground.

DANCE: Chunky Move / Glow, Cinedans / Screenings, Compagnie Retouramont / Réflexion de Façade & Vide Accordé, Crosstown Den Haag / Bugsss! & Trapped , T.R.A.S.H. / ísa.

ART: ArtScience Interfaculty / Hitchhiking, Bram Vreven / Vloei Flow I, II and III, Channa Boon / Limpiar el museo, Daan Brinkmann / Lines, Datenstrudel / Standard Time, V2_ & Di Mainstone / Sharewear, Dick Raaijmakers / Grafische Methode Fiets, Godspill / LIKE ANY RELIGION YOU NEED SALVATION AND WE NEED YOUR CASH!, Influenza / A Little Movement, Ief Spincemaille / A Topos, Jiacong Jay Yan / We Only Come Out At Night, Juriaan Moolhuysen / Pure Nature, Kristina Kersa / I Sing As The Bird Sings, LAb / EOD02, Pixflow#2 & 16n f555, Liefhertje & De Grote Witte Reus / Next Station: Paradise, LUST / Blue Light District, Maxalot / @TA v3.0, Miss Hecker, Pablo Valbuena / Augmented Space, Pictoplasma / Character Collision Army & Characters in Motion, Raster Noton / White Line, René Uijlenhoet / Son of Wired Life, Ryoichi Kurokawa / Parallel Head, Sebastien Wierinck / Entuber La Haye, SOS / State Of Sabotage, Staalplaat Soundsystem + Mike Rijnierse / Station to Station, Sustainable Dance Club, Teletekst is Dood / Creative Overdose, Tjerk Stoop / Statlab#2, Xavier van Wersch & Thijs Scheele / Fruit Power.

and many more...

Stay tuned on www.todaysart.nl for more info!

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