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Open Air Musicfest Přeštěnice 2008

Con Karamelo Santo, Bankrupt e altri 22 artisti . Sede: Prestenice


Giovedì 10 Luglio 2008Sabato 12 Luglio 2008


Milevsko, Czech Republic

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Open Air Musicfest Prestenice is one of the most popular Czech summer festivals. In middle of beautiful meadows, woods and valleys (South of Bohemia) a lot of music fans meet every year. Prestenice welcomes them from 10 July to 12 July. Visitors can see over than 50 bands from all the world on the 3 stages. There are variuos style – pop, punk, rock, ska, indie, reggae and etc. They can see shows Czech clubs top and interesting performance of German, French, Polish and other bands.Bring your own bombs.

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