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Ago 15

A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2008

Con Amy Macdonald, Ane Brun e altri 97 artisti . Sede: Evenemententerrein Walibi World


Venerdì 15 Agosto 2008Domenica 17 Agosto 2008


Evenemententerrein Walibi World
Spijkweg 30, Biddinghuizen, 8256 RJ, Netherlands

Tel: 0321-32-9999


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Listening to the hottest bands while enjoying an even spicier Indian curry? Receiving a much-needed brain massage after still not understanding the plot to that great movie you just saw? Having your hairy fashion statement trimmed while knowing you're about to dance the night away with a monkey on your back singing the turkish national anthem?

This, and a lot more, is A Campingflight To Lowlands Paradise 2008: a three-day, progressive outdoor festival that focuses on alternative music, but offers much more than just that, with a complete programme of stand-up comedy, film, visual arts, literature and (street) theatre. For three days in August, a city rises in the middle of Holland: a township with 55,000 inhabitants, several hundred performances, many bars and global restaurants, a market, hippie hangouts, campsites with showers, radio broadcast, a daily newspaper, and a unique currency. It's all there, divided over three areas and eight stages. In short: Glasto meets Goa!

Love is all. Loww is all.
Love is you. Loww is you.

Uitverkocht / Sold Out Radio!!

Line up lists: RollinsHenry Rollins

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