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Mag 5

Finster Fest

Con Patterson Hood of the Drive- By Truckers e Roger Alan Wade. Sede: Dowdy Park


Sabato 5 Maggio 2012Domenica 6 Maggio 2012


Dowdy Park
Summerville, United States

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The Paradise Garden Foundation announces that Finster Fest will be taking place this year at Dowdy Park on May 5th and 6th in Summerville, GA. What began as Howard Finster day in Summerville in the early 1980’s has become internationally known as Finster Fest. Finster Fest is one of North Georgia’s most popular Folk Art and Music Festivals. Finster Fest 2012 will be host to performing acts such as Roger Allen Wade, Patterson Hood of the Drive by Truckers and many others. Finster Fest 2012 will also host Artist’s from all over the nation coming together to celebrate the legacy of Howard Finster. There will also be a recycled art project for all to participate and enjoy. The two day festival will offer a shuttle to Paradise Garden for special tours.
This year Finster Fest will be held at Dowdy Park in downtown Summerville just off 3rd Street. Finster Fest began years ago at Dowdy Park and with restoration going on at the gardens bringing the festival back to the park will give us room to grow. Tours will be held at Paradise Gardens during festival hours and shuttles will be provided to take tourist there and back. There will be music held in both locations for all to enjoy.


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