• New Year's Resolution: Concert Reviews 2012 in Summary - Part I

    Feb 18 2013, 21:59 di Swiss-Nitty

    My new year's resolution 2013 was to keep writing concert reviews. Even though 2012 is over I nevertheless want to quickly summarise a few of my concert experiences here and proper reviews for 2013 will defo follow again.

    Thu 15 Mar – Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Folks
    I still do not like the venue (sound wise) but I have to say that I really enjoyed the concert and it was nice seeing Mr N Gallagher turning up and staying on stage (not like Mr L Gallagher did it when in Zurich on his own!). Of course, what I liked best was the Oasis songs, no surprise there. My highlight was defo HALF THE WORLD AWAY - a lovely reminder of good old UK times.

    All in all: Surprisingly lovely concert which brought back lots of memories.

    Mon 16 Apr – Dark Dark Dark
    I sometimes take wee notes when at concerts and when looking at those notes in only says for that particular concert: "A miserable looking band but what hauntingly beautiful music." Maybe that is part of their music or their stage personas or something like.