• review: gilead media music festival

    Mag 2 2012, 22:13 di digestion

    Gilead Media Music Festival
    April 28th and 29th, 2012
    Electric Lounge & Lanes, Oshkosh WI

    Saturday, April 28th

    Darger + Plague Mother
    I’m not generally a noise enthusiast, but this 15-minute collaborative set was closer to drone than harsh noise and it started the day off on a surprisingly pretty note. I enjoyed this set more than I anticipated, despite the phalanx of photographers standing between the crowd and the performers, taking close-up pictures of their shoes and shit. I’m sure everyone will be very excited to revisit those photos of Darger’s shoes.

    Arms Aloft
    This melodic punk band was definitely an oddball on a bill packed with experimental metal. They reminded me of Hot Water Music or something and they had great energy and helped set the eclectic tone for the weekend.

    I have weirdly picky taste when it comes to doom metal, and this Iowa trio didn’t really do it for me. They were naturally quite loud and slow but there was nary a melody to be…
  • Gilead Media Music Fest : Review

    Mag 2 2012, 15:27 di kxw

    Sat 28 Apr – Gilead Media Music Festival

    Showed up when Hell was finishing their set. Wished I showed up sooner, since the last two songs they played were amazing. Fell Voices laid everything to waste. Vocals weren't mic'd, but you could hear them clearly. After a brief respite, Ash Borer took the stage. There aren't words to say how awesome their set was. All I could do was listen to the music and let my mind drift into chaos.

    The next day, all I had a chance to see was Mania. Not being up in front, and being short, I could really only see the drummer. It wasn't until after the set did I realize that the guitars were being pumped in through computers. I was impressed.

    Had to leave after that, since it was a 5hr30m drive back home. Wish I could have stayed to see False, Barghest, and Thou. It's a shame because I heard they all put on a great show.

    Many thanks to everyone who put this all together, it was extremely enjoyable. …